Teacher Handbook for Kodaly’s 333

This handbook aims to offer strategies for guiding sight-reading and practice of 33 exercises from the 333. We also aim to make it easy to use by the non-expert and expert alike, therefore our pages promote efficient, effective preparation/practice for each exercise.

Organized & Focused Lessons. Each of the 33 lessons is centered around one exercise. To make sure lessons are organized and focused, each lesson is divided into 7 sections: Rhythm, Melody, Analysing, Reading, Improvisation, Polyphony, and Writing with preparation activities for each section.

User Friendly, Simple Language. We make it easy by using fewer, carefully selected words that non-Kodály trained teachers know or understand. The handbook uses precise, unambiguous language leaving little if any, room for misunderstanding.

Step-by-Step Models. This handbook contains step-by-step directions and demonstrations that show you how to apply the Kodaly approach to sight-singing.

Simple, Clean Design & Illustrations. Some concepts are difficult to communicate with words alone, so we use color and graphics throughout to enhance visual communication.

Teacher Handbook for Kodaly’s 333 Reading Exercise

with CD

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