Every Child Sings (ECS)

ECS is a Kodály-Inspired Music Programme designed for young children aged 4 to 6. Using the voice as the main instrument to introduce musical concepts in a pedagogical, sequential manner. ECS follows a child’s natural learning development, developing musical skills through aural, physical, and visual strategies, in order to address different learning styles among children.

Every Child Sings 1

Every Child Sings 2

The main goal of this series is to help music teachers, through “age-appropriate,” “tool-assisted” teaching, provide children with a solid musical foundation that can guarantee them successful and enjoyable vocal or instrumental studies later. 

We are honoured to have Borbála Szirányi, a Master Teacher from Kodály Institute continue and lead the project this time. Her leadership in the team adds invaluable experience and knowledge to the project, making significant advancements with her team including Alethia Ngo, her student and a graduate of Kodály Institute. 

Another heavyweight, Dr. Jerry L. Jaccard, President of International Kodály Society, has lend his support to write the Foreword for the series. In his words, “Every Child Sings series is the right instructional pathway appearing at just the right moment for small-group preparatory music instruction with young children.” 

In ECS2, Piano will be introduced as an optional lesson. The singing part is required for all children, whereas the instrument part is only for the children who choose to learn ECS Piano, which component was led by Ying Ying Ng, the co-author of the popular POCO Piano series published by Poco Studio. In accordance with the principles of the Kodály method, all concepts are introduced through singing before playing on the piano so that musicality can be developed rather than only mechanical skills.

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