About Us

Founded by two first-time edupreneurs in 2004, Poco Studio Sdn Bhd is considered as one of the leading publishers of music education books for international exam boards with an extensive dealer network spread across the globe.

The products have been sold in over 16 countries. The company also has partners in Australia, the UK, Spain, and the USA, carrying out sub-/co-publication of its own partners’ titles. 

In addition to publishing its own books, the company also provides the Malaysian distribution of many international publishers, including Alfred Music, Music Sales, FJH, Kjos, etc. Poco organizes a regular program of training courses and events for music teachers. 

“Teach Music & Singing at School in such a way that it is not a torture but a joy for the pupil .”


We Think of Our Customers

POCO plays a leading role in the educational music community with the development of teaching and learning materials that are effective, age-appropriate, and aligned to high standards. Also, by offering teachers training courses and seminars in music education, POCO strives to meet the needs of teachers who wish to acquire and improve skills demanded by today’s rapidly changing world. Welcoming feedback and customer reviews on their products and services, enabling strong customers relationship through modern communication channels, and forging international collaborations across the globe—are what make customers believe in POCO and what makes POCO where they are today.


Empowering and enabling music teachers to have the most efficient and effective teaching materials.


Our mission is to be the most innovative source of teaching and learning materials for the music education markets worldwide.

Meet Our Author

Ying Ying Ng is the author and co-founder of Poco Studio, an educational music publisher.  Ying graduated from the Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin, majoring in music teaching for children.  Through this life-changing experience, she inherited a lifelong passion to teach music.  For her lessons, Ying used to create teaching and learning materials to add to existing curricula since they were limited to textbooks and syllabuses, and inaccessible to students.  All her books evolved through the many interactive exercises, visual aids, and game activities she painstakingly developed for her students.  Ying authored several book series for Poco Studio, including Music Theory for Young Children, Poco Piano for Young Children (with Margaret O’Sullivan Farrell), Sight Reading for Young Pianists, Music Theory for Young Musicians, Theory Drills for Young Children, and Poco Classroom Board Games;  These titles are well received by both students and teachers, with two series translated into Spanish and Simplified Chinese.  She co-authored “Teacher Handbook for Kodály’s 333 Reading Exercises “with Sarolta Platthy, and co-developed a Kodály-inspired music program “Every Child Sings” with Borbála Szirányi and Alethia Bei Er Ngo.

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